#LifeintheSaddle – Welcome Issy!

First of all I would like to say a warm welcome to my blog! My name is Issy and I currently own a 7 year old ISH called Dillon, who I am spending the season eventing with. I am incredibly excited to be blogging about my #LifeintheSaddle for Toggi and am looking forward to sharing more about us with you. Toggi has been a brand that I have worn and loved since I was on ponies so to be a part of such a great team is very special!

Horses have been a huge part of my life since I was 7 years old. It all started when we moved from London to the South East. We lived next to my neighbours fields and I quickly fell in love with their horses. After finding a local riding school weekly lessons and pony days soon turned me into a pony mad child! I was then lucky to find a 13hh pony called Chocky who I loaned for 3 years, doing local pony club rallies and shows with her whilst trying to spend every second of my weekends and school holidays at the yard.

So many horses have filled my life since the wonderful Chocky and I have learnt a lot through the ups and downs of owning and riding horses!

One of my horses that remains closest to my heart is Ziggy. He was a 15.3hh tailless warmblood cross who had previously evented up to intermediate. Although he was quirky looking he was full of experience that he passed on to me. I found him in 2011 when I was 13 years old and he was a real horse of a lifetime. He kick started my eventing career and helped me to progress from 70cm pony club courses to competing at BE100. We had to retire him in 2015 and he lives on happily in a field local to us! He gave me the love for eventing that I now have and taught me everything I needed to know about the sport. He touched my life so much that his name lives on as a part of my eventing career with my Facebook page, ZigZag Eventing, named after him.

My new partner is a lovely 7 year old ISH called Dillon. I found Dillon last winter after a two year break from eventing due to numerous horse injuries and failed partnerships. This sport can be so heartbreaking sometimes, especially when things go wrong and it can really feel like you’re stuck in a downward spiral!

Before Dillon I had a mare that I really didn’t click with and she spent a lot of time putting me on the floor. Needless to say I lost a lot of confidence and was a bag of nerves when I found Dillon! He is an incredibly kind and gentle horse and I knew the minute I sat on him that he was the horse for me.

Up until I got him Dillon had only ever showjumped, but I was determined I was going to event again! He started off very green and didn’t really understand the concept of cross country, spending his first ever schooling session running out or stopping at most fences. He didn’t like ditches or drops as they were too scary and it didn’t help that I was terrified of falling off! Things have definitely improved since then and with a lot of practice he has really adjusted to eventing, whilst I have learnt a lot and become more confident too!

Before Dillon I had never had to teach a green, inexperienced horse to event so I found it all quite intimidating at first. Now I am far less nervous and a lot more determined and I’m finally starting to believe in myself! The hard work has really begun to pay off and Dillon and I have been competing as a part of British Eventing. We are currently at 90 with hopes and dreams of advancing further. It definitely hasn’t been an easy journey but we have both come on leaps and bounds and I can definitely say I have a real eventer in the making!

I can’t wait to share more of my #LifeintheSaddle with you via my blogs on Toggi.com. Toggi has been a huge part of my riding career, from wearing their junior range to swearing by their Arctic Breeches in the winter! I love the fun and active ethos Toggi stands for as I try to aim for this in my life! Their clothes have been a huge part of my riding career and I really look forward to sharing more about myself, my horses and of course Toggi in my future #LifeintheSaddle blogs.


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