Sustainability Policy

As a collective of outdoor enthusiasts we care about the environment we live in and understand our impact on the planet. With that in mind we have continued to reduce our footprint so it is less visible with the aim of improving this every year.

Below are more steps towards our Greener future: 

  • Biodegradable poly bags with instructions on how to dispose of them safely
  • Recycled and recyclable card swing tickets 
  • No kimbles or plastic connectors, only waxed cotton
  • No hangers in shipped products, but wooden hangers supplied with package in store to retailers 
  • No plastic size cubes 
  • Removed woven care labels or sizing, we now print these in the garment which is much comfier too!
  • Working with sustainable fabric where possible such as recycled polyesters, natural and sustainable fibres such as bamboo and cotton 
  • Traceable and ethical down
  • Digital catalogues, price lists and look books 
  • Outer cardboard cartons are recycled, recyclable and reused where possible

Image courtesy of Fuchsia Photography

Finest Brands International are making a commitment to improving our environmental impacts across all of our sites. Working towards ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation we aim to reduce the impacts of our business activities across  a range of ethical standards such as sustainability, environmental & social aspects. Our Brands are committed to reducing waste, using renewable energy wherever possible, recycling of materials; sourcing alternative fabrics and technologies, reducing our carbon footprint, and monitoring our every activity to make improvements. Our Directors, management teams and employees share our values and are meeting regularly to manage, measure and suggest improvements. Our long standing loyal suppliers and key stakeholders are working with us to help us achieve this ambitious goal, monitoring and evaluating everything from source of raw materials to end product waste. Our achievements to date: (Base Year 2019)

  • Sourcing and use in our products of recycled materials
  • Finished product cartons are made from recyclable cardboard and reused many times.
  • Printing Inks on our packaging are vegetable based where possible
  • Installation of new digital IT system reducing paper usage system
  • Reduction in water wastage
  • New Hybrid Company vehicles purchased
  • Reduction in packaging materials
  • Encouraging of a circular economy through reuse and recycling of materials 
  • Dedicated new human and financial resources to manufacturing optimisation to increase efficiency, quality and sustainability.
  • Buying locally where possible
  • Recycling of waste fabrics used in protective packing
  • Waste materials from one factory used in other products in neighbouring factory
  • Waste materials used to make accessory/comfort products
  • Waste materials used for other purposes by our stakeholders & Interested parties.

 Our Goals:

  • To further reduce our waste to landfill by 40% by year end 2022
  • To increase our recycled product use by 30% by year end 2022
  • To further reduce our energy use by 20% by year end 2022
  • To increase our renewable energy use by 20% by year end 2022
  • To further reduce our carbon footprint by 25% by year end 2023 (base year 2019)