Wade through winter in comfort


Designed to be stylish, comfortable, and practical, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots are the perfect choice for any countryside or outdoor adventure where waterproof and warm footwear is essential. From bitter mornings on the yard to brisk seaside walks or a stroll to the local country pub, the Barnsdale Wellington Boots will ensure the wearer arrives with dry feet and toasty toes.

Our wellingtons are 100% waterproof thanks to the vulcanised rubber outer and are lined with 4mm-thick neoprene to provide a thermal barrier against the cold. The neoprene also ensures the lining is soft and comfortable against the wearer’s leg. Finally, the dual density cushioned sole absorbs shock and eases pressure to ensure the wearer has a spring in their step even at the end of a long day on their feet.



Featuring a real leather strap and fine leather piping around the top of the boot for a premium country aesthetic. The buckle is functional, allowing the user to adjust the calf width.


4mm neoprene lining provides a barrier against thermal changes. In colder conditions the neoprene will provide thermal insulating properties, and comfort is also a key factor.


Known for resulting in excellent resilience, vulcanisation is the process of curing and fusing natural rubber from a soft unstructured compound to a stable durable material.



‘I bought these as I was so sick and tired of having cold toes and buying a new pair of boots every winter. I’ve only had them a few weeks, but safe to say they’re the warmest wellies I’ve owned. They have fantastic grip and great tread – getting the horses in from a boggy field now feels manageable. They clean off easily, look really smart and above all are toast, toasty warm. They have made winter bearable, and dare I say it – doing horses in winter enjoyable!’

Sue G, Cumbria

Care and cleaning

To prolong the life of your boots rinse your boots with clean warm water. Your boots should be wiped clean with a clean, dry cloth.
It is advised that you use boot trees or stuff your boots with newspaper to keep their shape when not in use.

Ensure that you use a boot horn when putting on your boots and a boot jack when removing them to prevent damage

Footwear should always be left to dry naturally, away from direct heat to avoid cracks appearing and leather shrinkage.
Once dry, any mud left in the outsole cleats can be removed using a medium/hard bristle brush.

Boots storage
It’s always convenient to leave your wellies in the car, but extreme temperatures are harmful to the rubber – drying and cracking can occur
especially if you haven’t used a silicone spray. It’s a good habit to store your boots by the door outside of the not-so-hot and not-so-cold months.