Why Socks Matter by Karen @KA Equestrian

In the age of matchy-matchy you’d be forgiven for thinking the trend for wild and wacky riding socks is simply an aesthetic consideration. In reality though, the socks we equestrians wear over our breeches and under our boots and chaps are critical to comfortable riding.

I am particularly partial to a pair of Toggi socks that match my outfit of the day, they’re the perfect length for me, sitting snugly under the fold of my knee, sufficiently supportive around the foot, ankle and calf so they don’t fall down and the perfect colour-match for much of my equestrian wardrobe..

I remember the days before riding socks were really a ‘thing’ and I used to use my school hockey socks over my breeches. They wear far too thick and long making it incredibly uncomfortable not to mention ridiculous to look at! The only other alternative were ordinary sports socks which were never long enough to keep your breeches in place and you’d always end up with the inevitable gap between sock and breeches – nothing more uncomfortable! Saying that, these were also in the days where I’d happily wear a pair of jogging bottoms and an over-sized Pringle sweater to the yard… can you picture the outfit?!

There is no doubt that my personal style, along with equestrian fashion as an industry has evolved since then! Comfortable and supportive riding socks make the difference between a lovely ride where you’re concentrating on enjoying the countryside on your horse and one where you’re trying not to acknowledge the chafing of leather riding boot on skin – it’s just an added bonus when they co-ordinate perfectly with your outfit!

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