Trusted Toggi

I live in my many trusted Toggi outfits all year round, any time I’m outdoors I am bound to have at least one Toggi item on.
The quality, I love whether I’m covered in winter mud, looking smart out competing or hiking up mountains in Scotland with my spaniel, if I’m wearing Toggi I know I’ll be warm, cosy and comfy!
Some of my oldest riding wear is Toggi and I love how well these items have lasted showing the great quality of the products!
Probably my favourite product is the breeches these are a must for me when I’m training young horses as the breeches with the sticking bottoms help me keep my balance if anything gets thrown at me!
Thanks to the variety of Toggi products I can alway find the perfect combination of top, base layer, breeches, trousers, tights, coat or gullet to make me as comfortable as possible with whatever activity I’m doing.
I trust my Toggi outfits in all weathers!

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