Toggi Sport V Outdoor, all you need to know!

Is your ideal day off one spent as an unpaid slave to your horse’s every need? Are you dedicated to caring for your four-legged friend that seems to think nothing of munching his or her way through your hard-earned cash, rolling in that big pile of poo just after you’ve given them a thorough grooming or going lame the day before an important show?

Or are you more of an avid outdoor adventurer? Someone who believes that any time outdoors is time well-spent, whether that’s a weekend exploring The Highlands, a day discovering new trails in the Lake District or simply an afternoon strolling through Hyde Park.

Whichever you are, you need clothing that is as tough yet is as beautiful as you are and we are here to serve, with the latest Toggi Sport and Toggi Outdoor collections. Here’s a rundown of each collection to help you decide which is right for you.

Toggi Sport – Activewear for Equestrians and more!

If you love horses and you love being active, then the latest Toggi Sport collection is for you. Feature rich and designed by riders, for riders, this sleek collection is designed around the ancient art of layering – a tried and tested strategy that lets you regulate comfort by slipping layers on and off as your activity level or the weather changes. The Toggi Sport collection is so versatile that it’s actually perfect for any active lifestyle, whether you’re a gym bunny or whether zen-like yoga is more your thing.

The Base Layer

Your first layer of clothing that sits directly on your skin over your underwear (or sometimes actually is your underwear!), the base layer forms the foundation of your layering system and helps to manage moisture by wicking sweat off your skin. Within the latest Toggi Sport collections your base layer pieces such as Breezy, Airy or Reflector offer varying levels of warmth, but with superb breathability. The technical nature of the fabrics chosen means that if you do sweat while riding or doing yard duties in cold weather, you won’t be left wet, cold and vulnerable when you stop.

The Mid Layer

This insulating, middle layer helps to retain body heat and protect you from the cold. Easy to slip on and off over your base layer or under your outer layer as the temperature varies, pieces such as the Inbetweener and Mini Lofty add extra warmth, exactly when you need it most.

The Outer layer

Your outer layer clothing serves that most essential of purposes – shielding you from wind and rain. And whether you choose the original Toggi Defender or the Winter Defender, you can rest assured that you will be protected come hail, rain or gale. With exceptional waterproof and breathability ratings, Defender will keep the rain out but allow sweat to evaporate, keeping you dry and comfortable, without overheating. For winter riding, added features such as Winter Defender’s extra length, side splits and poppers mean that it covers the saddle with the poppers open, yet covers that annoying gap at the bottom of your back that always seems to become exposed to the cold when you need to bend down!

Once you try Toggi Sport you will absolutely fall in Love with Layering! Even if you don’t wear all three layers at the outset, it’s a good idea to take all layers to the yard with you: you can peel off layers if things heat up, but you can’t put on layers that you didn’t bring along. Each piece within the Toggi Sport collection works in harmony with each other, bringing together the latest developments in clothing technology, innovative features such as reflective print and the hottest trends in active fashion design, so you can layer to perfection.

Toggi Outdoor – Clothing without Compromise

The latest Toggi Outdoor collection blends outstanding all weather performance with luxurious comfort and breath-taking good looks, to put the fun back into being outdoors this winter.

Recent developments in technical fabrics have ensured that each and every piece serves and performs. The luxurious fabric and fashion styling of the headline waterproof coat – Canopy – might lead you to believe that it is little more than showerproof, but with an exceptional 10,000/ 10,000 waterproof and breathability rating, Canopy will keep you warm, dry and protected whatever the weather may throw at you.

Another key piece offering you the choice of outdoor weather protection is the long Trek coat which delivers exceptional warmth for cold, dry days. And as it’s made from 100% recycled polyester, woven from used water bottles that would otherwise be destined for landfill, you will be doing your bit to help reduce waste and environmental pollution.

With rustic reds, greens, greys and blacks, the colour pallet is the epitome of countryside elegance and with Toggi Outdoor you can craft your ideal winter wardrobe that will send you from indoors to outdoors in style. 

So whether you put Horsework before Housework, are a yoga/gym bunny or simply consider the Great Outdoors to be Home, Toggi has you covered in all weathers.

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