Pretty as a Pancake

10 Flippin’ Delicious Ways To Enjoy Your Pancakes This Tuesday.

Pancakes are a big favourite at Toggi HQ, and while we all love a traditional lemon and sugar, sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.

We’ve been salivating all over our keyboards in search of some amazing recipes to try this Tuesday. Thanks to a selection of lovely bloggers, we’ve shortlisted a few varieties which look Flippin’ delicious.

Enjoy! xx

Nutella Pancakes with Boozy Hot Chocolate Sauce

Let’s kick it off with with these AMAZING Nutella Pancakes with Boozy Hot Chocolate Sauce. After all, Shrove Tuesday is only once a year, so why not make your pancakes deliciously indulgent.

Head over to Olive Magazine for the full recipe >>

Ricotta and Raspberry Pancakes

These Ricotta and Raspberry Pancakes, topped with Pistachios and Créme Fraîche sound like a delicious breakfast alternative.

Head over to Sainsbury’s Magazine for the full recipe >>

Oat and Coconut Pancakes

If you’re in a rush this Pancake Day, these are perfect to make in advance, simply make a batch the night before, then reheat when you’re ready to enjoy them. This is another great breakfast option as the oats keep you full all morning.

Head over to Franglaise Kitchen for the full recipe >>

Mini Pancake Stacks

For a touch of decadence this Shrove Tuesday, why not create your own Pancake Canapés.

Topped off with lemon curd, fresh berries and mint, these adorable Pancake Stacks not only look pretty, they also look pretty delicious too!

And why make them just for Shrove Tuesday, these would be perfect for your wedding day breakfast or even a dessert platter.

Head over to Stonewall Kitchen for the full recipe >>

Chocolate Crepes with Nutella and Mixed Berries

Because one Nutella Pancake recipe is not enough. These Chocololate Crêpes look heavenly and would be a perfect dessert for Shrove Tuesday.

Head over to Supergolden Bakes for the full recipe >>

Blueberry and Almond Pancakes

WARNING!! These Pancakes may be too pretty to eat. Photo and recipe courtesy of Half Baked Harvest, we’re head over heels in love with the look of these beauties. 

Head over to Half Baked Harvest for the full recipe >>

Buckwheat Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Citrus Cream Cheese

For those of you with a more savoury palate, these Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese pancakes look like the perfect breakfast treat. They’re also naturally gluten free, thanks to the Buckwheat flour. 

Head over to BBC Food for the full recipe >>

Mushroom and Spinach Pancakes

Another delicious savoury option which could be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Head over to BBC Food for the full recipe >>

Creamy Chicken, Spinach and Pancetta Pancakes

If you’ve still got some roast chicken left over from the weekend, try this recipe for a speedy and delicious way of vamping up your left-overs. 

Head over to Delicious Magazine for the full recipe >>

The Old Classic – Lemon and Sugar Pancakes

Last, but definitely not least, the good old Lemon and Sugar Pancake … ahh, the nostalgia.

If you have fond memories of Pancake Day failures, then head over to the Genius Kitchen to find out how to make this Pancake Day a flippin’ success. Practice makes perfect! 

Head over to Genius Kitchen for the full recipe >>

From all of us at Toggi HQ – Happy Pancake Day! xx

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