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Time for Toggi…

We are very excited to be working with Horse & Country on the incredible new series Back to Basics.

Have you ever watched an amazing masterclass with a professional you admire so much then rushed to the yard to try it yourself and it just hasn’t quite gone the way you thought it would?

In this weekly 10-part series, coach Cameron Beer helps bridge the gap to some of the famous H&C masterclasses brought to you by the likes of Jay Halim, Dan Sherriff and Lucinda Green with the help of super talented social influencers Lucy Robinson and her horse Laragh, Meg Elphick and her pony Bear, and Lydia Heywood and her horse Mink.

Catch all ten episodes every Tuesday with Episode 1 airing on the 30th March

Lucy, Meg and Lydia are wearing the Toggi Sport White Reflector base layer, Navy Flexi Breeches and Shady baseball cap for a sleek, uniform look perfect for everyday schooling. The white reflector base layer also sports a stock loop at the back of the neck making this the perfect summer transitional piece for training and competing in.

Cameron wears the Toggi Sport Men’s Reflector Base layer in Navy, the Defender waterproof jacket in Navy, and the men’s Flexi Breeches in Navy.

Shop Cameron, Lucy, Meg and Lydia’s look

A message from our co-sponsors and safety specialists, Champion:

When trying something new with your horse always wear a correctly fitting, up to standard helmet and body protector.

Lucy wears the Airtech Sport helmet in Dragonfly, a beautiful dial fit helmet which offers triple standard protection as well as a truly unique edge to your look. 

This helmet matches beautifully with the available colours in the Toggi Sport Collection.

Meg wears the REVOLVE Vent-Air MIPS jockey helmet, a triple standard helmet with added MIPS technology.

All riders in Back to Basics are wearing the Ti22 Body Protector.

Comfortable and flexible, the Ti22 is crafted using revolutionary SegTek construction. Each Ti22 has at least 100 flexible sections which mould to the shape of the body allowing for total comfort. In the Ti22, you don’t have to compromise on comfort, style or safety. 

The Ti22 comes in black and grey and meets standard: EN 13158: 2018 Beta standard level 3, 2018.

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