Karen McConnell – 6 Reasons Why I Love The Toggi Pinto Breeches

I wear breeches every single day of the year, taking me through from first thing in the morning seeing to the horses and doing the morning yard work, to dropping the kids off at school and nursery (yes really, I’m THAT mum in the riding gear!) and back home to ride the horses and coach a few of the riders I help. As you can imagine, I’ve been through a good few pairs over the years and you always have your favourites – the ones that look good, are warm and comfortable and ultimately, make you feel good when you wear them.

My absolute favourites for all of the above reasons are my Toggi Pinto Breeches in midnight blue with the lovely ‘damson’ detailing. I’ve been wearing mine with the Toggi Bamburgh roll neck and Barwick sweater (both in the lovely damson too) along with colour-matched Toggi socks because I LOVE a bit of matchy-matchy and the overall look is really smart. If you can’t stretch to investing in the whole ensemble, it is still worth treating yourself to a pair of these breeches because….

1. They’re versatile and will go with anything. Though the lovely damson colour detailing cries out for you to purchase the gorgeous matching tops (and you really should, they’re really lovely!) once you’re wearing socks and a top, they’re just navy breeches that go with anything. A really versatile pair of breeches.

2. Once you put these breeches on, you’ll not want to take them off, they’re extremely comfortable and fit well which means you never feel restricted like you can in some breeches. In the saddle that means you can relax and use your leg aids without feeling like you’re pulling on a seam, and on the yard you can move as you like without constraint.

3. These breeches are designed for the winter season so they’re made with a fabric that keeps you cosy right through the coldest months. I am a ‘cold’ person – even in the summer – so anything to give me an extra layer of warmth is a winner for me.

4. They have a full suede seat which helps give you extra grip in the saddle making you feel really secure as well as making them incredible hard-wearing.

5. Who doesn’t like a bit of bling? With a little bit of sparkle on the back pocket, aesthetically they look that little bit extra special!

6. When you’ve tried as many pairs of breeches as I have, I really couldn’t believe how affordable they are at only £50. I’ve spent almost 4 times as much in the past for breeches no where near as comfortable as these ones. They’re a must buy!

Click here for further information on the Toggi Pinto Breeches.

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