How to make the most of your Toggi display area

Country and Stable are online suppliers of Toggi equestrian wear and country clothing as well as horse equipment, boots and tack. Here they share their very best point of sale tips when it comes to making the most of your Toggi display area.

As any business owner will agree, it is imperative that you maximise each and every opportunity to increase your profits through retail sales. This is particularly important if your shop is an offline commerce business.

Here at Country & Stable, aside from our international online presence, we also occupy a large retail store based in Olney, Milton Keynes. For us, creative and effective merchandising is extremely important. This is a particularly prevalent when showcasing popular products created by leading brands such as Toggi.

It may be that you are looking for some simple point of sale fundamentals, or exploring new ways to boost Toggi sales within your own store. Either way, we hope that our guide will encourage you to consider some of the merchandising methods that you can apply to increase your own sales and revenue.

Create a dedicated Toggi area…

As human beings, we are all creatures of habit. Tap into this and encourage your customers to get into the habit of choosing to spend their money with you first.

When stocking a popular brand such as Toggi, ensure that you have a dedicated area for merchandising all of your Toggi items. By doing this, customers will know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for, cutting out any confusion or frustration. In turn they will associate your shop as the place to find Toggi products. It is important that you clearly signpost this area throughout your shop to direct people towards your Toggi offering.

Keep your merchandising simple…

The diverse Toggi range spans a number of items from casual country clothing, to professional riding attire, we recommend separating each kind of stock into two different areas. If your changing rooms aren’t nearby, ensure that you have a number of dedicated mirrors available in each area so that customers can try items on.

Don’t overload your customers with too many products either as this can be quite overwhelming. Make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for by using categorised shelving and hangers. Ensure that each product type is paired with complementary or similar items, i.e boots with chaps and coats with gilets. This will make your Toggi product offering easier to locate for staff and customers, making for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Create focal points…

We highly recommend utilising all of the Toggi brand campaign imagery that you have been supplied with. Emphasise these visuals and create interesting focal points at eye level that will draw your customers’ attention. These images may be new season stock imagery, or lifestyle focused advertorials.

Position accompanying products around the imagery so that customers know where to look if they like what they see on the pictures. In recent years, visual merchandising trends have acknowledged that customers shop with their five senses. By ensuring they can see how they might look wearing Toggi attire, they may be more inclined to purchase.

If you use mannequins, consider how they are showcasing the Toggi clothing. According to business2community “In 2016, vendors have been experimenting with mannequins that are fun, relatable and real rather than simply a faceless vehicle for clothing.”  “The lesson for retailers is that the whole entire mannequin is the focus, not just the clothes,” Faith Bartrug, owner of Faith Bartrug Designs, told VMSD Magazine. “The next-generation consumers want to see a story, and the mannequin becomes part of the sell.”

Keep the area neat and tidy…

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – would you want to buy something from an untidy or dusty shelf, or even a messy, unorganised rail? Always make sure that your Toggi merchandise is well stocked and always presentable.

This attention to detail goes a long way and definitely impacts the contribution to sales. Don’t let sloppy attention to detail determine whether or not your Toggi display drives sales. Assign a staff member to be responsible for the cleanliness of the section.

We also recommend training all of your store staff to be fully knowledgeable of all Toggi offers and promotions that you are currently running in store. Whilst your displays might look lovely, if your staff can’t sell your Toggi products effectively, you won’t be ringing in any purchases. In this case, ensure that your staff are educating your customers with recommendations, or providing a considered solution to a problem. For example, the customer may be looking for a new pair of gloves for riding, but don’t know which are most suitable.

And finally, always ensure your Toggi display area is inviting….

Having considered all of the above, take a walk around your Toggi display area. Ask yourself a few questions, and answer truthfully. Does it feel inviting? Is your stock organised and tidy? Can customers find what they are looking for easily? Visual merchandising is about being creative, so keep that at the forefront of your mind when restructuring your Toggi display area. By considering all aspects of your customers’ experience in store, you are more likely to boost those all important sales.

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