Have you got new boots?

We get so many messages from customers and often hear out and about at events, that people are unhappy with how long their boots have lasted. But how well do you care for your boots? Is there more you could do to help them last longer? Maintain the performance of your footwear by following these simple steps.1. Clean items regularly, removing dirt will help maintain waterproofing and breath ability2. Occasionally you will need to renew the waterproofing. Simply clean and then maintain with the appropriate product: “Take care of your boots and your boots will take care of you!”


Tip 1Before setting foot out of the door with your new boots, make sure you treat them with leather protector. This gives your boots a great start in life. It is also good to get into the habit of treating them regularly to maintain the suppleness of the leather – why not give your boots a once over with saddle soap every time you clean your tack? Wax also works well and prevents dirt from sticking.


Tip 2Did you know that horse urine is one of the most corrosive chemicals for footwear? It is important that all dirt & chemicals (natural or artificial) are washed of after every use. Rinse your boots with clean warm water then remove excess water with a clean dry cloth. Always dry your boots naturally, away from direct heat to avoid cracks appearing and leather shrinkage.

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Tip 3Always use a boot jack to remove your boots. Never use the toe of your other boot as a jack, it will make the heel counter collapse which will lead to your boots being unstable and uncomfortable to wear.


Tip 4Finally, ensure your boots are happily stored away indoors when not in use. Boot trees or stuffing your boots with newspaper is recommended to retain the shape of your boots when not in use. If you are good to your boots, your boots will be good to you!


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