Charlotte in England reviews our Toggi Rundle boots.


Not only are these boots gorgeous they’re incredibly comfortable! The fact they are waterproof is a massive bonus… and in the world of country living, a necessity.

They’re super stylish and look expensive! I find the boots easy to get on and off. I have not worn these riding, gardening or wading through a lot water so I cannot comment on how the boots shape up against these activities. But, I have worn them almost every day for a month in cold, frosty, wet and also dry weather and they have been great. Some days I have worn them for more than 8 hours a day. I admit, I did have to wear them in to my foot shape for a few days but it was well worth it.

I am admittedly a massive Dubarry Galway fan but they are (a bit!) on the pricey side and not in everyone’s budget. I’ve realised you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to get some wonderful, durable and stylish country boots.

I would love to see these boots in a different colour-way! I think the design is fab and can see them being a favourite for many. They’re tall and come up quite high on my lower leg.

They are a great all-rounder and I love the fact they can be worn pretty much everywhere. If you’re thinking about getting them, buy these boots now! I’m thoroughly impressed.

Well done Toggi on designing a very functional and gorgeous pair of boots.
Are these boots on your Christmas list this year?


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