Champion in Rio!

Time to celebrate with our brand ambassador Sophie Wells Mbe Dressage. Years of hard work, training and talent have been rewarded at the Rio Paralympics with an individual Gold Medal, Team Gold Medal and a Silver Medal for their freestyle performance. Inspiring performances from an incredible athlete, Congratulations to Sophie and her team, we are very proud to have supported her journey.

As a team the GBR Parlympic riders were unstoppable and pulled a clear 20 points ahead of the silver medalists, Germany. However in the individual Grade IV section that Sophie rides in, it was a hard fought battle for every percentage. Sophie’s individual Gold medal was won on 74.856% closely followed by Michele George of Belgium on 74.333%. It really was a closely contested ride to Gold.  None the less a much rewarded and well deserved individual Gold Paralympic title can now be added to Sophie’s extensive list of equestrian achievements.

Once again Congratulations to Sophie and her team from everyone at Finest Brands International, home to Toggi and Champion.

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