I’ve always loved beautiful clothes and accessories, particularly with a nod to equestrian style and the countryside (who doesn’t?). I love a padded jacket, field boots and a touch of cashmere to mix with more contemporary pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve tried to build a wardrobe of classic capsule pieces that take me from season to season and year to year and the Toggi Blyth Tweed Cape is one of my most recent additions.

Pictures can’t really do this cape justice – in the ‘flesh’ it’s even more stunning with beautiful leather detailing and gorgeous burgundy jacquard lining and the faux fur detachable collar was a welcome extra at the weekend when the weather turned a little colder!

1.    IT IMMEDIATELY MAKES ANY BLAND OUTFIT SUPER-CHIC. I was heading out at the weekend for an afternoon out with my husband and kids and I’d just thrown on a pair of skinny jeans and a sweater – really unremarkable. I could have thrown on my go-to padded jacket but instead reached for the cape. It instantly transformed a pretty boring outfit into one that made me feel far more stylish and ‘together’.

2.    IT’S REMARKABLY COZY AND COMFORTING. The very design of a cape being floaty and open can give the impression it won’t be that warm. This one however, with it’s luxurious burgundy jacquard lining and detachable faux fur collar, is actually pretty cozy! It has the added extra of having enough fabric to wrap around yourself so it feels like you’re wearing a cozy blanket.

3.    THERE’S LOADS OF ROOM UNDERNEATH FOR EXTRA LAYERS. On extra cold days however, there’s plenty of room underneath to layer-up with either a gilet or light weight jacket allowing you to really wear it throughout the winter season.

4.    IT WILL SUIT EVERY SHAPE AND BODY TYPE. The very nature and design of a cape means you don’t need to be 6 foot tall and a size 0 in order for it to look good on you. It covers a multitude of sins so you can definitely enjoy that slice of cake when you head out for a cuppa and catch up with friends.

5.    IT’S CLASSIC STYLE WILL LAST YOU A LIFETIME. I can see The Blyth Cape being a stock item in my wardrobe for years and years. Although country style continues to dominate fashion, this is an extremely well-made, quality classic piece that I’m sure will last a lifetime. It’s an investment item that you’ll get infinite ‘return’ from.

6.    YOU WILL GET LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS. I’m not sure I’ve ever had an item of clothing that has attracted as many positive comments as this one. I’ve only worn it twice so far and both times people have stopped me to ask where they can buy it and tell me how beautiful it is! Not that I had anything to do with it’s design or manufacture, but there’s something lovely about receiving comments like this!


Karen McConnell from KA Equestrian

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